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Baby Irviners

FUN Introduction to Soccer


Join Our Fun Soccer Program for Kids Under Five!

Looking for an exciting and age-appropriate soccer program for your little ones? Look no further! Our under five years old fun soccer program is now open for registration.

The Program

Our under five years old soccer program is designed to provide young children with a fun and engaging introduction to the world of soccer. Led by experienced coaches, our program focuses on age-appropriate training, interactive activities, and fostering social development. We prioritize creating a positive and supportive environment where children can develop fundamental soccer skills, boost their coordination, and build important values like teamwork and sportsmanship. With limited spots available, don't miss the opportunity to give your child a fantastic start to their soccer journey! Enroll them today and let the soccer fun begin!

We are pleased to offer our under five years old soccer program at a great value of just $100 for 5 sessions tickets (Fridays) + FREE Uniform Set. This price includes all training sessions, coaching fees, and access to our fun-filled activities. The program will be running from June 2nd to August 25th.


*These 5 tickets grant you access to any of our training sessions, allowing flexibility to choose the dates that suit you best. Please note that these tickets must be utilized within a two-month period from the date of purchase. This means you have the freedom to attend sessions at your convenience within that timeframe. 

  • Enjoy a FREE Class on May 26th @ Cypress Grove Neighborhood Park;

  • Enroll your child by May 31st and get FREE Uniform Set;


June 2nd and 9th

Cypress Grove Neighborhood Park

June 16 to July 28

Valencia Neighborhood Park



Why Baby Irviners?

Age-Appropriate Training:

Our experienced coaches use specialized teaching methods to engage young children and help them develop fundamental soccer skills.

Fun-Filled Activities:

We believe in the power of play! Your child will enjoy exciting games, imaginative drills, and interactive exercises, making every session a blast.

Social Development:

Soccer is more than just a sport, it's a way to build friendships and learn teamwork. Our program encourages social interaction and instills important values like respect and cooperation.


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